What is Girls Who Code?

Girls Who Code aims to reduce the gender gap in tech.

Did you know that the percentage of women in the computer science industry is in a decreasing trend? In 1995, about 37% of computer scientists were women. In 2017, the number came down to 24. In 2022, it is projected that women computer scientists will only take up 22% of the total workforce in computer science industry.

We aim to reverse this trend.


people reached


girls served


At Phillips Exeter Academy, we aim to carry out this mission

Phillips Exeter Academy (PEA) Girls Who Code club provides coding lessons to girls (grades 5 to 8) in our local communities. Our mission is to serve girls who often feel intimidated entering computer science industry, which is traditionally considered as a male-dominated sphere. We aim to lower the entrance barrier for girls, who might be wanting to try out new things and showcase their creativity.

We welcome any girls who identify as females! All classes are led by female PEA students.


NOTE: In response to COVID-19, we are providing summer classes to students from any 50 states. We will be meeting virtually once a week on Zoom. Please check our curriculum for more information.

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