Fall 2020

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Our Meetings

  • We will be meeting from 11 am to 12 am on Saturdays this term.

  • The program will be 6-weeks long.

PEA Girls Who Code Education

PEA GWC teaches girls collaboration and teamwork. Our curriculum is mainly project-based.

Girls who already have experience in coding will come up with their own project as a group that tackles a known social issue or resolves any inconveniences/difficulties they have in their lives.

Girls who have no experience in coding will learn the basics of coding by conducting small individual projects that challenges them and pushes them to move forward on their own.

Our team will be helping out girls in all processes. We will be mentors for their projects, and we will teach coding.


Girls learn to be brave and share their ideas.


We believe that our diverse identity, ability, and culture can make us stronger.


We prepare our girls to lead, improve, and transform the industry.

Our Values:


Summer 2020

One of the most widely-used programming languages, Python is used in various areas including, but not limited to, website programming, web app programming, and GUI programming. It is also used by organizations such as: Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo, CERN, and NASA.

In PEA Girls Who Code Summer session, we will be teaching python at different levels, based on the participants’ background in programming.