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Basics of Web Programming Class 2!!

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Formatting Text

There are two different ways to format texts in HTML/CSS. You can use HTML tags or CSS styling. With these methods, you can change the style of your text. Some examples include bold, italicized, or marked (highlighted) text. 

This code:

<b>Bold text</b>
<strong>Important text</strong>
<i>Italic text</i>
<em>Emphasized text</em>
<mark>Marked text</mark>
<small>Smaller text</small>
<del>Deleted text</del>
<ins>Inserted text</ins>
<sub>Subscript text</sub>
<sup>Superscript text</sup>

Looks like:


Attributes specify properties of your tag. Attributes are pre-defined, so you cannot come up with your own because the computer will not recognize it.

Classes and IDs

Classes and IDs are types of attributes. Classes are usually used to identify more than one element while IDs are used to identify one element or the same element that is repeatedly used. 

<div class="container">
    <h1 id="heading"></h1>
    <p id="paragraph"></p>

Here, we used a div element, which stands for 'division.' It defines a section of a page. For instance, when you want to divide up your webpage into multiple sections (e.g. heading, body, footer, etc.), you use <div> tags.

We also used ul, which stands for 'unordered list' = bullet points, and ol, which stands for 'ordered list' = numbered list (1., 2., 3., ...)

li stands for list item and is used when you want to add items to your list.


There are three ways to do style a HTML element. You can use a separate CSS file (analogous to the way you do it in codepen), the <style></style> tag in the <head> element, or the style attribute in the element. 

  • <style> tag

(see white box)

You use <style></style> tag in your head element. There's nothing different about the format of CSS you use in between <style> tags.

font-family changes the type of font you use. Here, I changed it to Helvetica.

  • style attribute

Should be in the format of:


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